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We are working on the project for more then 3 years. For us it is fun, hobby, and way to present us to developers community.

Development never stops!

Recently we added some important features like recording video feed from an IP camera to h264 video files, ability to control size of that files, improved stability.

First each question developer ask himself, is this code base contemporary? And the answer is YES, it is C++14 with latest libraries, especially WebRTC. It is extremely fast and stable.

It is not a pet project anymore…

At some moment we decided that platform is good enough to have own life. We found that it solves many problem that developers trying to solve every day and not often successfully. What about samples, code snippets, even working project ? When you start working on the new project, you need to see good or (who knows) bad examples.
We found that our server is not just toy but bug and often better then commercial version. We found that we need help to add new functionality.

So finally, what happened?

We opensource it! Please take a look

Who could be interested in the code ?

  • Developers who develop WebRTC engine
  • Developers who develop Gstreammer applications
  • Enthusiasts who want to help and implement the new features
  • Anyone who like C++

Have fun!

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