Web Camera for video surveillance system?

No way! But wait it is so simple…
That what I told my partners 2 years ago, who is going to use USB Web Camera ? It is built in to your laptop or has quite short cable. No, we don’t need it. Let people use the real solution – IP Camera.
So after 2 years I change my mind and this is the reason.

First of all people want to try your “groundbreaking system” and many of them have Web Camera built in into laptops or use it for Skype day after day. You can attach more then one to your computer and setup process is completely transparent. No credentials, no IP address. And make your video surveillance system instantly (definitely VosVideo VSaaS designed for this)

Ok, I agreed better later then never. After week fighting with Microsoft Media Foundation I was able to see video from my old Logitech Web Cam. And I can tell you, quality is very good. Definitely more consistent then all mine IP cameras. Now we are almost ready. Last step, finish Web interface to let user setup Web Camera from browser. Next week it will be done. So if you want to build small surveillance system with Web Camera just go ahead, create free account and configure your Web Camera in one click. Then enjoy video from your browser on smartphone, share archived video files on YouTube and let us know what do you think!

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