Why we don’t support any IP Camera

IP Camera

IP Cameras now is affordable. Prices go down, China making replica after replica. You can build your own surveillance system in minutes (especially if you decided to use our system). This is good. What is really bad that all IP Cameras have unique interface. It is related with version of media server that manufacturer embed it the camera. Let’s take a look into anatomy of IP Camera. It built with simple CPU that runs short version of Linux, sometimes has compression chip (if it is H264 camera) and software. For sure manufacturer doesn’t write software, I bet they don’t even know how to do this properly. They take predefined version which has media server and simple HTTP interface. Number of such servers is quite limited but still manufacturers want to modify it for some reason. At that moment discrepancy comes.

It is up to them if they want to do this. But still, still they have to respect standard and protocols ( HTTP, RTSP, MJPEG). They shouldn’t break the rules. But it is not the case. For instance let’s take camera Kai Cong. First, name sounds very stupid. Second it looks quite good. Get PTZ camera for $35 is good deal!
Try to use it. Nothing, it just can’t be connected. Test in browser, works fine. Ok, let’s start to analyze data. We have interesting message

That is the reason, camera violating HTTP protocol. Browser works only because they trying to be good in all cases and try to fix it. We are using standard communication layer which consider this as an error.
Response from support was interesting:
>We have PC software for 1602w. Here is the address: xxxyyyzzz
>We do not recommend third party application.

Don’t need to say that software not localized and 80% in Chinese language. And it is very outdated as well.
This is why even we declaring support of many cameras in some cases result is almost unpredictable.
It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy cheap cameras, but keep eye on return policy at least!

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