Most ineffective way to use IP Camera

Simple idea, quick implementation and here we go – home surveillance system based on FTP Push.
It is old thing, some cameras can do this. You have to just go to the camera “Advanced” settings and setup your ftp, and interval/; IP Camera will push frames one after one into your FTP site. Then you end up with millions JPG images that you or some service will stitch for you. There are pros and cons of such idea.

1. Easy to implement such service.
2. Network and CPU load is small
3. I don’t see any other advantages 

1. Settings still complex. You need to know where in your camera to set FTP parameters.
2. Somebody should run it for you. But there are some hosters that can help.
3. FTP is slow by nature. Which means you cant do 30FPS.
4. Somebody should turn images into movie.
5. Not any camera support FTP push
Looking at all this details I am asking if it worth of efforts? Your video anyway will be shaky and outdated. Plus technology is really old. And most important – your camera, same camera can do much better with streaming media server, in times. And your watcher experience could be great.
But since market is huge there are several companies that still offering such service. What is nice they offer you to set a lot of cameras per single account and you don’t need anything else on your site. I would personally never go with such solution but if companies still alive they have customers.

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