VosVideo is a simple but powerful camera surveillance system. It provides the fastest possible video processing on the market. It is built on latest Microsoft multimedia innovations, open source and Google WEB RTC technologies.

The main idea was to build a system that can be set up in minutes to keep your eyes on all important things from your PC, smartphone or tablet. It should be very simple to configure and maintain. VosVideo offers a hybrid approach meaning that video processing component is located on user home PC but whole user interface, device and user rights configuration are located on the Internet. Recorded video never leaves your home network as it is saved on your computer that is running video server component. All IP cameras located on the local network are invisible from the Internet which means you cameras are protected from any hacker attacks. At the same time you can setup system to transfer your recorded video to any on line storage (like Google Drive, SkyDrive etc…) to ensure your video archive is protected from local computer data loss. All data broadcasting is encrypted to prevent the unwanted access to your video.

Lets quickly take a look how it works step by step.

1. Account

Register your account on our website VosVideo.com. Once you registered and logged in you may create as many users as you need under the account. That users can have access to your cameras. The access rights and available cameras can be individually set up for each user.

Download Video Processing Server

2. Download Video Processing Server

To access your cameras you need to run small lightweight server on any computer inside your local network. Click Download button and save VosVideoServer_setup.exe on your local drive.

3. Install and Activate

After you installed video processing server on your computer you need to activate it. We call it “Attach Site”. Start “Vos Video Dashboard”. Initially you will see “Settings” TAB where you can change basic settings like start server on start or turn logging on (we could ask you to turn it in case you experiensing technical difficulties). Now click on “Attach” TAB. Provide credentials that you used to create account. Once you successfully attached the site, it should be visible on Web Site under “Sites” TAB. Now switch to “Start/Stop” TAB and start server. Now you can click “Minimize” or close button and dashboard will minimize itself to the windows tray. To close Dachboard just click on Dashboard icon in right bottom corner and select “Exit” option.

Install and Activate
Select IP Camera

4. Select IP Camera

Once video processing server is up and running on your computer, start adding IP cameras to your video system. To find your camera just type part of model or name of your camera in “Model” fiels. Find your camera model in the list of available cameras and click the on it add to the system.

5. Configure Selected Camera

Enter the required information and click on the “Submit” button. Pay attention at checkbox “Enable/Disable recording”. Once you selected it your local video server will start to record video into WEBM files in yor local “Video” folder. You can use VLC media player to watch this saved video. Once camera saved you can click “Test” TAB and test it. In case error occured you should see error message in the right bottom corner. Correct the error and submit your changes again.

Configure Selected Camera
User and Available Cameras

6. User and Available Cameras

After cameras were created you have to assign visible cameras for the user. Only selected cameras will be visible on “Live Video” page for that user.

7. Watch Live Video

Now you are ready to see your cameras from everywhere. Click on “Live Video” TAB. You should see as many media players as many cameras you assign for the user. You can start to play only inndividyal playrs clicking on “Play” in the center of the player ot click “Play all cameras” to start all of them. At this point you are done with basic settings. You can use your cell phone or tablet to access that cameras as well.

Watch Live Video

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