Global service

You can access all your IP cameras form any device, even if you are located in the different part of the world.

Easy setup

Setting up your home video system is fast and easy. Everybody can do it, it’s that simple.

Mobile access

Our user interface is completely Web-based. Use your cell phone, tablet or desktop PC.

Cloud storage

Store your recorded video archive on a local drive or keep it on any cloud drive.


We support more than 1,500 IP cameras and constantly adding new.


Video travelling peer-to-peer avoiding media server and, even more, it is encrypted!

Communicate with online users

Once user added into account he is able to have video chat with other users inside the account.

Give access to other users

Do you want to give access to the different members of your family? Do you have several employees who need to access the surveillance cameras? VosVideo allows you to manage multiple users on the account.

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