Is there still place for crowdfunding for video surveillance project ?


Yes, we did it, we started our crowdfunding project here

Kick starter campaign
It was really long story, first we needed to make video, at the same time we had to make sure that our project works as expected. Don’t forget about backers, crowd funding is not charity, it is opportunity to get something before and chipper. So pledges would not be just: Thanks for support and take your sticker. A have tons stickers on my fridge and my dream to get rid all of them some day. What people wand is too pay less. We decided that membership cold be good start, then we found that people want to have something physical, something they could touch, posses. And added IP Camera into pledges. Last step we found that people would like to have complete solution and added several DVR system into upscale pledges. Another question, how much to get and why we need as much. We sit and calculated our real needs for the next year, for hardware, software, sales support and decided that 50K would be good number. Now it is time to see if we properly designed page, and defined the goals. Will see !

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