Crowdfunding – lesson learned or several thoughts about our campaign

Several month ago we got the great idea to introduce our project on kickstarter or indiegogo.
We had quite simple concern: introduce our project and see how much interest it gain.

You know that good project start from a good and short video intro. It is not clear who can make the video and searching for such people could be very challenging process. We were lucky and after several attempts I found great startup called They done great job, and 1 min video is doing what it needs to do (actually we have 52% visitors who completely watched it).

Last week we activated the campaign. Made page and pledges. I noticed that immediately people start fund the project. But it stopped and even worst they started took money back. I made post on asking what is going on?
The answer was simple: you confused people with what you are offering. We spend too much space to describe how good our product and who we are and completely forgot to explain what problem it solves. Another word we knew what our product means and though that people can understand it as well.

Lesson learned. We changed whole presentation. At the first word we declared
-why people need the product.
-how it solves that problem
-why it is better than anything else.

Finally I would like to point that crowdfunding is really tricky thing. It is not charity, people want to get something they like or they think really cool for less money or be the first who get innovative product. That is why software and especially online services have quite low level of success. But on the other hand no one guaranteed that your wonderful piece of hardware will be delivered. For instance indiegogo successor “Canary video camera” still didn’t deliver product after almost 2 years of campaign. Service in such case gives you more confidence, it is immediately available on the Web. But it is matter of needs and preferences

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